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Tales from the Garden: The Seedlings Have Sprouted


I have some excellent news to report. All of my seeds have started sprouting! I am incredibly excited. This is my first batch of autumn vegetables, and I am so proud. Now, lets hope I don’t muck it up. A few days ago, I took the image above, but this is what they look like today.


The only plant I was a bit concerned about was the lavender. It didn’t seem to make any progress until today. This morning I noticed a small, green shoot hiding under the dirt. I was incredibly happy to see this. I’m really excited to get the lavender going. It was my favorite of all the seeds I planted.

On another note, the tomato is still going strong. My neighbors are having a few problems with their crop as they don’t seem to want to ripen. However, mine seem to be doing quite well. The plant might look a little wonky, but it sure is one resilient tomato maker. Here is a picture of a tomato blossom before it turns into the little green ball. I’d never seen this process before this year. It was very fascinating to watch the transformation.


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Interesting Move and Pathetic Tomatoes

Dennis and I finally moved flats this past weekend, and it has been quite the adventure. The movers where fantastic. I highly recommend them if you need a moving company in and around the Sussex area. They are called Smooth Movers. Anyhow, I am up to the ceiling in boxes right now, and we forgot to get the internet connected and phone switched over. We should be up and running again in a couple of days. I found this lovely internet cafe close to my new home, and while it is a bit expensive, it allows me to get on.

On a different note, my new neighbors are fantastic! The neighborhood is very friendly and quiet. I did notice that the row of houses we are attached to had some lovely flowers blooming all throughout the lawns. I come to find out that one of my new neighbors has been a professional gardener for 28 years. He helps everyone keep their gardens in perfect condition, and he offered to help me start my own fruit and veg garden. We did move my tomato plant from the other flat, but I thought it wasn’t going to make it. It looked droopy, and it started dropping it’s fruits prematurely. While I was away yesterday, he came over and gave it some of his special tomato food mixture. By the time I came back, the plant was vivid. I haven’t measured, but I swear my plant grew about 3 inches over night. My tomatoes might look better, but they are certainly pathetic in comparison to the rest of the gardeners. I certainly hope to learn how to grow them properly for next year.

Additionally, I discovered that sweet peas give you a nasty stomach ache if you touch the pods then swipe your hand over your mouth. FYI!

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