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Link Loving: Portfolios, Typography and Green Design


I have been throwing myself into the study of design and and it principles these past couple of weeks. I did take a break from it for a bit while Dennis and I sorted our new flat, but I am happy to be at it again. Here are a few articles I’ve found very inspiring and informational.

• Very cool collection of illustrations, typographic work, lettering, web design and user experience work via I Love Colors. I love this blog and I love the articles.

• Beautiful and creative way of creating card and garland by using recycled paper scraps. This article was written by Laura Normandin and posted on Design Sponge.

• PRINT Magazine is hosting a webcast on August 4th Pangea Organics CEO and lead designer. The will discuss their sustainable packaging and biodegradable soaps and products. Tree Hugger has given us a small preview of their accomplishments and company policies regarding sustainable design.

• I know I’ve asked myself this question before, and Nubby Twiglet provides some very informative answers with tips for creating a print portfolio.

• Interesting article by Jason Santa Maria regarding the use of print design principles that might not work the same for the web. I have to say I agree with him on this one.

• A fascinating inside look into the inspiration and work of Alice Savoie. In this interview, Alice discusses her studies, her process and future projects. The interview is via I Love Typography.

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Link Loving


• 40 free high quality hand drawn fonts to download via

• Lovely vintage inspired, hand made bags by Bari J. I LOVE her designs.

• Ultimate Mac setup for photographers. 50 apps that will help you with photo processing

• Void LP Player. A really trippy take on the record player via design boom.

• A really great collection of tutorials useful for converting PSD’s into useful html/CSS by

• Award winning Spanish design company develops a new fabric using recycled PET bottles. They are creating some really fabulous products with this fabric. The article is via Tree Hugger.

Image: Longest word in the Welsh Language as I understand it. It’s a train station between Holyhead and Crewe.

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Link Loving


~ Really trippy optical illusion on Richard Wiseman’s Blog.

~ The Waterpod: A very fascinating floating eco-habitat concept.

~ You are what you eat. 20 foods for a better smile, lovely skin and healthy hair on Ecosalon.

~ Talking to the trees at the Bronx Grand Concourse. A fascinating article about an invisible tree museum posted on Inhabitat.

~ 4 do it yourself all natural facial masks for different skin types. A very helpful article on skin care from Ecosalon.

~ An interesting article about the increase of cancer among marine wildlife. This is very unfortunate. I didn’t know the cancer rates were so high among these creatures.

~ A gallery of 13 very trippy eco-cars via Tree Hugger. I usually get around by sneaker power of public transportation, but these concepts are a real vision.

Image by Aneta Blaszczyk

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