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Fuel For Life Fragrance: Beautiful Package Design

I am not really a big fan of Diesel clothing, but I sure do love their package and ad designs. I saw these while I was Christmas shopping, and just had to sit there and admire them. I will say this about Diesel, they sure do know how to make a graphic designer tear up in a good way.



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Organix Shampoo

I really love this company’s package design. I hear they are made from organic ingredients as well. I saw these a bit ago at an all natural store downtown, and recently found out they had quite a few products. My hair is a bit difficult. I hope they can do the trick. I’ll let you know my review.

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5 Beautiful Package Designs

I love these products and I love their fantastic package design even more. Choxie by Target are one of my favorite chocolate brands. Their design is beautiful and inspiring. I have always admired POM’s bottle design, and VOSS just has a fantastic bottle design. Pacifica makes an extraordinary product, and their package design is fantastic as well.

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Square One Organic Vodka

I am not really a vodka drinker, but I recently read about this product. I did a little research on it and was quite impressed. I was first attracted to the fabulous bottle and package design, but was further impressed by its organic ingredients. How can a vodka be organic? Well, I asked the same question. Evidently, most vodkas are chemically flavored. Square One Vodka, on the other hand, uses organically grown American Rye, and is created from a certified organic fermentation process.

The rye itself is grown in chemical free compost and fresh water throughout its entire life cycle. Additionally, the company only uses organic yeast in their distillation process, which has earned them certification from both the Oregon Tilth, the U.S.’s most stringent and prestigious U.S. Organic Certification Agency, and by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP).

I haven’t tried this just yet, but I am interested in having a martini or two. I am certainly interested in trying one of their Organic Tea Cocktail creations. You can find recipes in their Mixology section under the Town Square link. Let me know if you have tried Square One. Do you recommend it? Do you have any favorite mixes using Square One?

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