Amazing Digital Illustrations by Jerico Santander


Jerico Santander is an immensely talented digital artist, photographer and illustrator based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. He has produced remarkable works for companies such as MTV (2007 MTV Movie Awards) and Desktopography.






I greatly admire the level of detail involved in his work. I’ve seen some of his pieces before, but I only recently discovered who the artist was. I am glad I discovered his website earlier today. His illustrations are a true pleasure to marvel.

Images via Jerico Santander


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10 Fabulous Buisness Card Designs

It’s that time of the year again. I happily spent a few hours yesterday trying to sort out my new business card for this next year. I sketched out a few ideas while sipping some sangria yesterday. I think I have the beginnings of a funky and fabulous card. Of course, I would never have gotten this far without the help of other inspiring designers. Here are ten business card designs I used as inspiration for next years design. You can view these and many more unique designs at one of my favorite websites,











Images via

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Style Crush: The Mini Dress

I’ve been reluctant to try this style for a number of years, but I finally took the plunge a year ago. All I have to say is that I will never look back. I absolutely adore mini dresses. I love wearing them with funky tights or leggings. They are the perfect canvas to layer on accessories. You can dress them up or down, and wear them in all occasions. The possibilities are endless. I love versatile pieces like these. I am only sorry I didn’t try one on sooner. I wore one to my friend’s birthday party this Sunday and I received many compliments. I really wasn’t expecting it as I wore the dress for my comfort on the train. I was happily surprised. Here are a few I am seriously crushing on at the moment.








Images via RetroKinder, Gaia Conceptions and Lilbrush’s Shop

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Bold, Eco-Friendly Fashion By Fink

I absolutely adore Fink’s recycled garment designs. Their style is very bold and unique. I am really crushing on the Carlton design right now. Who doesn’t love Carlton Banks? Designers Karen and Kristen’s collaboration produced versatile pieces that have a lovely vintage flair. They screen print their own designs, and hand sew the fabrics into several garments. If you fancy one of their designs just visit the Fink website.







Images via Fink

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The Dreamy Artwork of Rachel Austin

Rachel is one of my favorite Portland artists. I just love gazing at her paintings, finding all the lovely details she puts into her work. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out she used maps in some of her paintings. I was admiring one of her pieces with my husband when he pointed out the faint map texture in the background. I just thought that was quite clever. The veiled typography adds such a lovely graphic touch to her work.

You can find the pieces below and many others by visiting or by visiting her Etsy Page. Along with her original artwork, Rachel offers prints of her work as well as cards, pendants, mirrors and buttons. I certainly recommend giving her site a view.







Images via Rachel Austin

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Stunning Sea Life Jewerly by Barbara Umbel

I was absolutely stunned when I discovered Barbara Umbel’s sea life jewelry designs. At first glance, her pieces seemed too perfect to be actual sea shells. I was amazed to discover she actually uses seashells, gemstones and freshwater pearls found on Pawleys Island in South Carolina.

Barbara’s designs are beautiful, and the creative use of materials found in her environment is very inspiring to me. All of Barbara’s designs are one-of-a-kind, and can be found on or Barbara Umbel on Etsy.








Images via Barbara Umbel

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Interesting Move and Pathetic Tomatoes

Dennis and I finally moved flats this past weekend, and it has been quite the adventure. The movers where fantastic. I highly recommend them if you need a moving company in and around the Sussex area. They are called Smooth Movers. Anyhow, I am up to the ceiling in boxes right now, and we forgot to get the internet connected and phone switched over. We should be up and running again in a couple of days. I found this lovely internet cafe close to my new home, and while it is a bit expensive, it allows me to get on.

On a different note, my new neighbors are fantastic! The neighborhood is very friendly and quiet. I did notice that the row of houses we are attached to had some lovely flowers blooming all throughout the lawns. I come to find out that one of my new neighbors has been a professional gardener for 28 years. He helps everyone keep their gardens in perfect condition, and he offered to help me start my own fruit and veg garden. We did move my tomato plant from the other flat, but I thought it wasn’t going to make it. It looked droopy, and it started dropping it’s fruits prematurely. While I was away yesterday, he came over and gave it some of his special tomato food mixture. By the time I came back, the plant was vivid. I haven’t measured, but I swear my plant grew about 3 inches over night. My tomatoes might look better, but they are certainly pathetic in comparison to the rest of the gardeners. I certainly hope to learn how to grow them properly for next year.

Additionally, I discovered that sweet peas give you a nasty stomach ache if you touch the pods then swipe your hand over your mouth. FYI!

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