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Fashion Crush: Vintage Wedding Gowns

I have noticed a very interesting behavior in me these past couple of weeks. I am evidently still fascinated by wedding dresses even though my special day was over a month ago. I find myself browsing boutique-wedding shops around town, just admiring the different styles, colors, and dress designs. I realized I was doing this when I noticed a beautiful vintage wedding gown in a shop on Bond Street. I never set out thinking I am going to visit a wedding boutique after I run my errands. I simply walk by a shop where they happen to have a very interesting dress, and I end up spending at least half an hour admiring their collection. I think it is the designer in me admiring a medium, which I had never appreciated before, or it could be the fact that I like pretty dresses. Either way, it’s my new, not so secret vice and I’m loving it!

My absolute favorite type of wedding gown is a proper vintage or a vintage inspired design. My wedding dress was a 50’s style, blood red gown with black puffy lining. I adore the dress and I chose it primarily because of the color, but I’ve started admiring the beauty and sophistication of white gowns. I do like a few modern designs here and there, but the vintage ones are just so classically feminine. Light, pastel colors really match the delicate designs of these gowns. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still would’ve chosen my red retro dress over any laced, white gown. After all, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wear something funky and red to my wedding. However, I have grown to appreciate these very beautifully feminine, light and lacy vintage gown designs.








Images via Circa Vintage Brides and Halfpenny London

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Two More Days Until The Party!

I am really nervous for some reason. I know Dennis and I already tied the knot this past Tuesday, but I am really nervous about our reception. I just spoke with my great friend Julie who has helped me tremendously. Without her this party would not be happening.  All our friend’s here in Brighton have been incredibly generous and helpful. I hope everyone has a good time, and everything goes as planned.

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Dennis And I Were Married This Morning!

This morning, at 11:45 am New York Time, Dennis and I became husband and wife. I still can’t believe we actually pulled it off. We are so excited, happy and exhausted. We are back home in Brighton now after our grueling 16 hour trip back home. Dennis and I are extremely jet lagged. He is in bed sleeping and I am just kind of wandering the house like a zombie. I can’t sleep, but I sure wish I could.


Dennis and I decided to have a New York wedding after we discovered the astronomical fees associated with having a wedding in the UK if you happen to not be citizens of resident. I understand the rules and procedures immigration has in place, but we both feel the huge fees are very unnecessary. Our hearts both sank when we started adding up the fees, and discovered the huge waiting period required to simply obtain permission marry. Dennis joked that we could probably get less expensive tickets to New York, and marry at the Clerk’s Office in Manhattan. Well, to our surprise that statement was accurate. We found very affordable tickets on Air India. We quickly booked them, and we were off on this adventure of ours.


We stayed at the Blue Moon Hotel NYC in Manhattan, and ate our pre-wedding dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant called Tré. Our experience with Blue Moon Hotel NYC was absolutely fantastic. Everything was perfect! They truly made our stay a very happy and memorable one. Tré served us the best dinner Dennis and I have every had. That is not an exaggeration. The owner went so far as to create a wine menu in which every wine on the list pairs well with whatever dish you order. If you ever get a chance to visit this establishment try the Tiramisu. Best I have ever had!


Additionally, if you ever get a chance to travel Air India certainly take the opportunity. The experience with this crew and the airline was outstanding. The crew was helpful and attentive, and the lunch was the best I have had on an airplane. I would definitely fly Air India if I had the choice. It was the best service I have every received from an airline. Additionally, Dennis and I would love to thank Barbara and Craig for being our witnesses. If it wasn’t for their kindness we would never have pulled this off. All of these folks put together certainly made our trip very enjoyable and memorable. Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness, support and blessings.


The entire trip was fabulous. We even had the biggest snow storm that has hit New York in five years during our stay. It will certainly be a memorable time for more reasons than the obvious one.


Photos via Blue Moon Hotel NYC, Air India and Tré New York

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12 Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

We only have one week left until the big day. Dennis and I are scrambling to get everything done and ready for our festivities. I just had my dress tailored today, and it is on it’s way to be cleaned. We have our bubbly and our wine set, and are in the process of getting our cake and food in order. We only have a few other things left on our list. One item I am stressing about is the bouquet.

I am a bit nervous about this one as haven’t really thought about color or design. Well, my friend Julie suggested we paint the flowers on the bouquet. I actually really like the idea, but i don’t even know which flowers to use, how much paint to use if any, how big its going to be, etc. I started stressing about it today so I took it upon myself to search for some fabulous inspiration. I found these funky and colorful bouquets on various sites. I think I might go for bouquet 2 or 7.













Photos via, foxgloves flowers, Bluemen Kaspar, Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers, Barbara K, Heather España, Lora’s Floral, Paige Ocora and Casa Florarte.

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10 Beautiful Wedding Invitations

I actually bought mine last minute at WH Smith. I really wasn’t thinking about it when I purchased them. I was more concerned with the color matching my cake. Then, a friend of mine let me know that they looked like little kid party invitations. I was a bit embarrassed, but it really didn’t matter. They got the job done, and they were sassy.

I might have purchased my invites on the run, but that didn’t stop me from looking for beautifully designed options and examples. I am really crushing on the invites printed on paper that you can plant and grow flowers from.











Photos via Botanical Paperworks, Elum, Rolland Glass, juicyyumburger, scottdouglas123, and grrl+dog

I don’t know who the retro tin can design belongs to, but it’s just too fabulous to not write about. I would have loved to have something like this design. If anyone knows who designed it please let me know.

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Searching For The Perfect Wedding Dress

I have been going frantic searching for the perfect last minute wedding dress after my original pick turned out to be a disaster. Dennis and I are having a retro candy theme for our festivities, and we are still in the process of finding colorful bits and pieces to go with our design preferences. I originally wanted to wear a Marilyn Monroe inspired red retro dress, but that just didn’t work out. The fit was just very wrong for my body type. I am certainly not the only bride to have such an important detail go wrong on her at the last minute, but I was still quite upset. I think I might have found a fabulous replacement, but that is still in the works.

I’ve spent this entire week searching for different options to solve this horrible dress dilemma. During my search, I found some really beautiful bridesmaid dresses that would go perfectly with my wedding theme. Interestingly enough, I played around with the idea of using one of them as my dress instead. I am set to try on my first replacement choice this afternoon, but if that doesn’t go well I am certainly looking at one of these beautiful retro inspired dresses as my second choice. Which one do you think I like the best?






Photos via David’s Bridal, The Dessy Group and Pin Up Girl Clothing

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