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Ethical Homeware by Bridget West

I am very fond of Bridget West’s company and products. She designs and produces ethical products for the home made from recycled textiles and their labels. Almost every piece is unique, and the rest of her designs are digitally printed onto organic hemp cotton canvas. Aside from her product design business called Pieces of You, Bridget runs eco-workshops and she lectures on the topic of ethical design and consumption. She is certainly someone I admire greatly. I love her designs as well as her dedication to her cause.

If you are interested in any of the products below please visit Pieces of You where you will find many more lovely products.







Images via Pieces Of You

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Fashion Crush: Lovely Organic Designer Clothing by Pretty Birdie

Stephanie Teague’s clothing designs are just absolutely lovely. She uses recycled, surplus and sustainable fabric exclusively in all of her designs. Every piece of couture offered at Pretty Birdie is handmade by Stephanie. I certainly recommend giving her shop a view. If you are interested in any of the designs below you can find them on the Pretty Birdie site.







Images via Pretty Birdie

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Jimmie Martin Restyled Antique Furniture

Jimmie Martin is a luxury brand furniture design studio based in London since 2004. They purchase each antique piece from auctions, and restyle them to create beautiful and eclectic designer furniture. All of their designs seem to one-off or custom made pieces.

Their work is very unique, and it’s really no surprise Jimmie Martin won “New Designer in Practice” at the Design and Decorations Awards in 2005. The founders have come up with a truly clever idea, and their end product is amazing. I really do want to decorate my home with these pieces. I haven’t seen anything like this before, and I am really very impressed. What do you think?









Images via Jimmie Martin

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Link Loving


• 40 free high quality hand drawn fonts to download via

• Lovely vintage inspired, hand made bags by Bari J. I LOVE her designs.

• Ultimate Mac setup for photographers. 50 apps that will help you with photo processing

• Void LP Player. A really trippy take on the record player via design boom.

• A really great collection of tutorials useful for converting PSD’s into useful html/CSS by

• Award winning Spanish design company develops a new fabric using recycled PET bottles. They are creating some really fabulous products with this fabric. The article is via Tree Hugger.

Image: Longest word in the Welsh Language as I understand it. It’s a train station between Holyhead and Crewe.

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Street Sign Furniture by Boris Bally

These designs are just extraordinary. I kind of want some for my living room now. Boris Bally is an award winning American industrial designer that creates a series of products from recycled street signs and other products. His work is very funky and eclectic. It’s the type of work I love to see. I certainly recommend viewing his site.






Images via Boris Bally

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Portable Garden Design By David Barry

Irish Designer David Barry developed The Eden Project which is a very creative green solution to urban gardening. The concept involves the use of portable gardening pods which allow the user to grow their own food. The pods can then be stored away after the growing season has passed.

I love this concept. It is an absolutely brilliant idea. Dennis and I live in a very small place, and we have been looking into ways of our own food. At the moment, it has been incredibly difficult. We managed to grow a tomato plant, and we are working on a cucumber plant. While we did have success, it was incredibly difficult to find space for them. Moving them around after they grew to be a certain size proved to be a problem as well. These portable garden pods would eliminate this issue.




Images via David Barry

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Lovely All Natural Elephant Poo Paper Products

I heard about this concept some time ago, and I became very interested in the process. I was a bit skeptical about the ingredients used to make this, and if they were in fact created with real elephant poo. There are so many gimmicks these days trying to bank on the green message, but I was pleasantly surprised with these lovely paper products. This entire range of recycled stationery and gifts is made entirely from elephant poo. A percentage of the proceeds are helping fund elephant conservation projects and sanctuaries in Thailand. All of their products are 100% recycled and odor free. I think their designs are very stylish and chic. The company is called The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company, but you can purchase their products from Nature’s World.










Images via Nature’s World

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