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Cupcake Inspired, Vegan Bath Bombs

Like most ladies, I like the occasional soothing bath after a long day. Most of the time, I just take quick showers like most working adults do, but I’ve been spoiling myself lately. I actually only take baths if I have a bath bomb around. I really don’t see the point in taking a bath if you aren’t going to make a ritual out of it.

As I was browsing for my bath bomb fix, I came upon the Pink Dandy Shop. They have an excellent selection of vegan bath bombs for the lady that likes to bathe in bubbles and lovely scents. They even look like cupcakes.






I really love these types of products. They are lovely, functional and green. If you want more information on any of the products below and many more, please visit the Pink Dandy shop.

Images via Pink Dandy

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Sustainable Architecture and Design by William McDonough

Architect William McDonough discusses the negative impact industry and large cities have on the environment, and ways in which good design can reduce carbon footprint. McDonough suggests a “cradle to cradle” design method that considers the full life cycle of a product.

I love sustainable design especially when it involves architecture and urban planning. His plans for a fully sustainable city in China are just phenomenal. It’s designs like these that give me hope for our future. I only wish I had the knowledge and experience needed to make a significant impact.

Video via TED Talks

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Style Crush: The Mini Dress

I’ve been reluctant to try this style for a number of years, but I finally took the plunge a year ago. All I have to say is that I will never look back. I absolutely adore mini dresses. I love wearing them with funky tights or leggings. They are the perfect canvas to layer on accessories. You can dress them up or down, and wear them in all occasions. The possibilities are endless. I love versatile pieces like these. I am only sorry I didn’t try one on sooner. I wore one to my friend’s birthday party this Sunday and I received many compliments. I really wasn’t expecting it as I wore the dress for my comfort on the train. I was happily surprised. Here are a few I am seriously crushing on at the moment.








Images via RetroKinder, Gaia Conceptions and Lilbrush’s Shop

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Bold, Eco-Friendly Fashion By Fink

I absolutely adore Fink’s recycled garment designs. Their style is very bold and unique. I am really crushing on the Carlton design right now. Who doesn’t love Carlton Banks? Designers Karen and Kristen’s collaboration produced versatile pieces that have a lovely vintage flair. They screen print their own designs, and hand sew the fabrics into several garments. If you fancy one of their designs just visit the Fink website.







Images via Fink

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Stunning Sea Life Jewerly by Barbara Umbel

I was absolutely stunned when I discovered Barbara Umbel’s sea life jewelry designs. At first glance, her pieces seemed too perfect to be actual sea shells. I was amazed to discover she actually uses seashells, gemstones and freshwater pearls found on Pawleys Island in South Carolina.

Barbara’s designs are beautiful, and the creative use of materials found in her environment is very inspiring to me. All of Barbara’s designs are one-of-a-kind, and can be found on or Barbara Umbel on Etsy.








Images via Barbara Umbel

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Link Loving: Portfolios, Typography and Green Design


I have been throwing myself into the study of design and and it principles these past couple of weeks. I did take a break from it for a bit while Dennis and I sorted our new flat, but I am happy to be at it again. Here are a few articles I’ve found very inspiring and informational.

• Very cool collection of illustrations, typographic work, lettering, web design and user experience work via I Love Colors. I love this blog and I love the articles.

• Beautiful and creative way of creating card and garland by using recycled paper scraps. This article was written by Laura Normandin and posted on Design Sponge.

• PRINT Magazine is hosting a webcast on August 4th Pangea Organics CEO and lead designer. The will discuss their sustainable packaging and biodegradable soaps and products. Tree Hugger has given us a small preview of their accomplishments and company policies regarding sustainable design.

• I know I’ve asked myself this question before, and Nubby Twiglet provides some very informative answers with tips for creating a print portfolio.

• Interesting article by Jason Santa Maria regarding the use of print design principles that might not work the same for the web. I have to say I agree with him on this one.

• A fascinating inside look into the inspiration and work of Alice Savoie. In this interview, Alice discusses her studies, her process and future projects. The interview is via I Love Typography.

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Fashion Crush: Melissa Plastic Dreams & Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Collaboration

I nearly fell over when I saw these in a window while out taking a stroll in the Lanes this Sunday. Two of my favorite designers have collaborated to create these fabulously funky shoes. I have written about Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes before and I have good news to report. Since then I have tried them on and they are quite comfortable. Additionally, the claim that they smell of bubble gum is very true. Now, Vivienne Westwood has collaborated with Melissa Plastic Dreams to bring us this new collection called Anglomania. Let the girly screams commence.







Images via Melissa Plastic Dreams

August 2, 2009 at 2:35 pm 1 comment

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