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10 Beautiful Blog Designs

I am in the process of re-designing the Red Headed Frog site, and I decided to share some of the beautiful blogs I found incredibly inspiring. I am still trying to figure out how to customize my CSS while using WordPress, and I am glad to say I am making a bit of progress. My two favorite sites are Making It Lovely and Design Sponge.



Big Sweater Design


Spoon Graphics


Cheaper Than Therapy


9513 Country Music


Cult Foo


Design Intellection


Great Design


Design Sponge


Making It Lovely


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5 Really Cool Restaurant Websites

These are just fabulous! One of my hobbies is searching around for really cool design everywhere. I am one of those people that takes picture of cool typography on the side of an alley or on a restaurant corner. I just love looking for great examples of all different types of design especially web design. Web design is something I would like to get more familiar with in these next five years. I have taken to exploring and sharing some great websites I have found while doing research/soul searching online. I hope they inspire creativity in you.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Read the review I wrote on them. Beautiful design and ok cupcakes.

Stingray Sushi

Stingray has beautiful environment and branding design. Sadly, I did not get to eat there because my party and I waited 3 hours for a seat. Additionally, they wouldn’t give us water while we were waiting outside in 110 degree heat. We just went to Buca Di Beppo instead. Service sucks here, but their design is awesome.

Sol y Sombra

This is actually an awesome place. They food is a bit pricey, but it is very worth it. The environment and interior design is fabulous as well as their branding design. I love this restaurant. Their food is marvelous as well. I highly recommend it for an anniversary or small get together.

Salty SeƱorita

I just love this website. It is so funky and different. I am pretty new to web design, but this stood out to me. I love it.

Thai Ginger

I love this place. I went to dinner here yesterday and it was beautiful. The environment design is not consistent between locations, but it is very beautiful. The one in downtown Seattle has much nicer interior design work. Their collateral is not the best, but their website is wonderful. The food is outstanding as well.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes

My brother and sister have been raving about Sprinkles cupcakes for quite some time now. I had not been able to take a trip to downtown Scottsdale with them until very recently. I picked them up at my mother’s house, we drove down to their location and had a pretty nice experience there. The staff was very friendly, but they were incredibly young. I seem to have that young looking thing down so I was able to blend in pretty well. The kids at the counter very obviously thought I was younger than they were. Its a blessing and a curse.

Nevertheless, they were very pleasant, and they helped us right away. My sister let me know that they usually have to wait around for 30 minutes to get help, but we evidently arrived on a non-busy day. The environment design was amazing, and so were their marketing and branding materials. I’ll post them up once I get images of them to show off. I asked what studio created their collateral, but they didn’t know the name. Their stores were designed by Architect Andrea Lenardin. Additionally, I learned that Sprinkles Beverly Hills was the recipient of 2 AIA Los Angeles Restaurant Design Awards. Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed with their design and branding. Now I just hoped the cupcakes were good!

Unfortunately, they were nothing too special. They were very good, but for the price I certainly expected more. One cupcake is three dollars, and they aren’t huge cupcakes or incredibly tasty ones either. I would certainly recommend Sprinkles to anyone looking for a nice sugar fix, and I have to say I would buy another cupcake from them. However, they are a bit pricey and they were not too memorable. The main thing I remembered about Sprinkles was their environment and branding design work. That was truly Amazing! Their website is wonderful as well. Check it out.

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5 Beautiful Design Firm Websites

I find myself just browsing sometimes looking at websites from large and small design firms from around the world. I have found quite a few very beautiful examples of studio websites that I hope will serve as inspiration to everyone. These sites are five of my favorites right now. I love them because of their use of color, creativity and usability. I am not a programmer so I don’t quite know if everything is appropriately done in that department, but I just love their visual design.

Satsu Design

I have been in love with this company for a number of years now. I lOVE their website and I LOVE their work. They are based in the Isle of Man in the British Isles.

Tomko Design

Tomko is a local studio here in the Phoenix area. When I first saw their website I was very impressed. I believe they created this in Flash.

Fish Marketing

My goodness… I just LOVE this website. The fish on the cutting board is just fantastic! When you click on the Freshness Guaranteed link above the fish graphic you get a nice surprise.

Nocturnal Graphic Design

I have loved this site since I found it as well. It is simple and to the point. Simplicity is very hard to accomplish for many designers in my experience, and I think the designers at Nocturnal have pulled it off wonderfully. I love their work. I am just sad I was never able to meet them before my departure from the valley.

Brian Drake Design and Illustration

All I can say about Brian Drake and his studio is that it is awesome. I LOVE their work and I do love their site as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting the designers of the studio, Brian, Arthur and Sara. It was a true pleasure to spend time with and learn from these fabulous three.

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