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Link Loving: Portfolios, Typography and Green Design


I have been throwing myself into the study of design and and it principles these past couple of weeks. I did take a break from it for a bit while Dennis and I sorted our new flat, but I am happy to be at it again. Here are a few articles I’ve found very inspiring and informational.

• Very cool collection of illustrations, typographic work, lettering, web design and user experience work via I Love Colors. I love this blog and I love the articles.

• Beautiful and creative way of creating card and garland by using recycled paper scraps. This article was written by Laura Normandin and posted on Design Sponge.

• PRINT Magazine is hosting a webcast on August 4th Pangea Organics CEO and lead designer. The will discuss their sustainable packaging and biodegradable soaps and products. Tree Hugger has given us a small preview of their accomplishments and company policies regarding sustainable design.

• I know I’ve asked myself this question before, and Nubby Twiglet provides some very informative answers with tips for creating a print portfolio.

• Interesting article by Jason Santa Maria regarding the use of print design principles that might not work the same for the web. I have to say I agree with him on this one.

• A fascinating inside look into the inspiration and work of Alice Savoie. In this interview, Alice discusses her studies, her process and future projects. The interview is via I Love Typography.

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Lovely All Natural Elephant Poo Paper Products

I heard about this concept some time ago, and I became very interested in the process. I was a bit skeptical about the ingredients used to make this, and if they were in fact created with real elephant poo. There are so many gimmicks these days trying to bank on the green message, but I was pleasantly surprised with these lovely paper products. This entire range of recycled stationery and gifts is made entirely from elephant poo. A percentage of the proceeds are helping fund elephant conservation projects and sanctuaries in Thailand. All of their products are 100% recycled and odor free. I think their designs are very stylish and chic. The company is called The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company, but you can purchase their products from Nature’s World.










Images via Nature’s World

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Beautiful Eco-Friendly Stationary From Ecojot

I noticed a few of these fantastic designs a few months ago, but I only recently re-discovered the name of the company. Ecojot is a range of 100% post-consumer recycled paper products from Canada. The designers only use bio-degradable inks and glues, all of their packaging is corn-based and none of the paper they use comes from new trees.

I really fancy their designs and other stationary products. However, I don’t know if you can purchase them in the UK. They do offer them at Whole Foods, but I haven’t seen them at my local branch. They would make the perfect designer gift. For more information visit







Photos via Ecojot

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Fuel For Life Fragrance: Beautiful Package Design

I am not really a big fan of Diesel clothing, but I sure do love their package and ad designs. I saw these while I was Christmas shopping, and just had to sit there and admire them. I will say this about Diesel, they sure do know how to make a graphic designer tear up in a good way.



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Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products

Mrs. Meyer’s is a company dedicated to creating laundry, house and pet cleaning products made with essential oils and natural ingredients. Their products are biodegradable and phosphate-free as well. However, they do admit to using synthetics when they cannot find an ingredient suitable to their cleaning standards. Nevertheless, the synthetic ingredients used are very carefully chosen, and have a history of safety and efficiency suitable for the environments they are produced for.

The first thing I was attracted to when I found their products were the design. Their package design is fantastic. I love the typography on their bottles, and the use of color to distinguish between fragrance and product line. I haven’t found it here in the UK, but I have found great alternatives. I love their scents, and they are fantastic products.

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Organix Shampoo

I really love this company’s package design. I hear they are made from organic ingredients as well. I saw these a bit ago at an all natural store downtown, and recently found out they had quite a few products. My hair is a bit difficult. I hope they can do the trick. I’ll let you know my review.

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5 Beautiful Package Designs

I love these products and I love their fantastic package design even more. Choxie by Target are one of my favorite chocolate brands. Their design is beautiful and inspiring. I have always admired POM’s bottle design, and VOSS just has a fantastic bottle design. Pacifica makes an extraordinary product, and their package design is fantastic as well.

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Piperlime Package

I ordered some shoes the other day from a company called Piperlime. They sell a large and fabulous collection of shoes and hand bags at very reasonable prices. I heard about the site from a former co-worker and just fell in love with it. However, I don’t believe I had ever ordered anything from them until very recently. When I received my order I was truly happy and not just because my order put together perfectly and arrived on time. The packaging and wrapping they did at Piperlime was truly fabulous. Check out their site as well. The design is beautiful and their selection is wonderful.

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