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Five Fantastic Television Commercials

These are some of my favorites. I always come back to them for inspiration, and sometimes to just have a great laugh. I am especially fond of the VW and Burger King commercials. I don’t know how much these ads brought up sales. They are certainly talked about quite a bit with family and friends. I would love to know how effective they were.



Burger King

Coca Cola


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New Skittles Commercials

I used to love Skittles commercials quite a bit. I always used to look forward to a new one, but now they are just a little weird. They aren’t really funny. I am not to fond of them now. I really love their older campaign better. They just seemed far more whimsical, and the the short story the imagery told in those couple of seconds made you want to be there with the characters. I don’t know… What do you think.

New Commercials

Older Commercials

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Mr. T Snickers Commercial

I absolutely love this commercial. I crack up every time I see it. I grew up with Mr. T, and I have to say this is very nostalgic to me. I love when he chucks the Snickers at his head. This is a fabulous commercial!

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More Great WWF Ads

These ads are amazing. I love the precise level of detail in the hands. The collaboration between artist and designer yielded fabulous results in this campaign.

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Diesel “Fuel For Life” Ad Campaign

I love this ad campaign from Diesel. I am not to fond of their jeans, but I do love their ads and their designs. They always manage to just blow me away with their creativity. They are funny, beautiful and seductive. These are a few of the many. Their commercials are wonderful well.

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Funny Pepsi Twist Ad

I am a pretty big fan of Pepsi Twist with lime. I try not to drink it too much because of health reasons, but I can’t help myself sometimes. It is a cheat day drink.

A friend of mine sent me this ad a while ago, and I recently found it again. I love this Pepsi ad. It makes me smile a little bit inside. Who am I kidding. I laughed my butt off. Very clever!

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Fantastic Brazilian Ad Campaign

Dennis shared this with me the other day and I thought it was brilliant. It is a Brazilian anti-smoking ad campaign. He found all three on the Book Of Joe blog, which is absolutely fabulous by the way. Click here to check out the rest.

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