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Handmade Scarves by Beautiful Bridget Designs


All the products found on the Beautiful Bridget shop are lovely, but I am especially fond of her scarves. They are an Autumn essential for me, and Kim’s scarf designs look both funky and cozy. That’s all my little heart desires during the colder months.






Beautiful Bridget Designs is a home based studio run by an independent fiber artist. Each piece is beautifully designed and hand made by the artist from her home. All products are produced in a smoke free environment using vintage and novelty yarns.

If you wish to learn more about any of these scarves, please visit the Beautiful Bridget Designs website.

Images by Beautiful Bridget Designs

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Tales from the Garden: The Seedlings Have Sprouted


I have some excellent news to report. All of my seeds have started sprouting! I am incredibly excited. This is my first batch of autumn vegetables, and I am so proud. Now, lets hope I don’t muck it up. A few days ago, I took the image above, but this is what they look like today.


The only plant I was a bit concerned about was the lavender. It didn’t seem to make any progress until today. This morning I noticed a small, green shoot hiding under the dirt. I was incredibly happy to see this. I’m really excited to get the lavender going. It was my favorite of all the seeds I planted.

On another note, the tomato is still going strong. My neighbors are having a few problems with their crop as they don’t seem to want to ripen. However, mine seem to be doing quite well. The plant might look a little wonky, but it sure is one resilient tomato maker. Here is a picture of a tomato blossom before it turns into the little green ball. I’d never seen this process before this year. It was very fascinating to watch the transformation.


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Cupcake Inspired, Vegan Bath Bombs

Like most ladies, I like the occasional soothing bath after a long day. Most of the time, I just take quick showers like most working adults do, but I’ve been spoiling myself lately. I actually only take baths if I have a bath bomb around. I really don’t see the point in taking a bath if you aren’t going to make a ritual out of it.

As I was browsing for my bath bomb fix, I came upon the Pink Dandy Shop. They have an excellent selection of vegan bath bombs for the lady that likes to bathe in bubbles and lovely scents. They even look like cupcakes.






I really love these types of products. They are lovely, functional and green. If you want more information on any of the products below and many more, please visit the Pink Dandy shop.

Images via Pink Dandy

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Sustainable Architecture and Design by William McDonough

Architect William McDonough discusses the negative impact industry and large cities have on the environment, and ways in which good design can reduce carbon footprint. McDonough suggests a “cradle to cradle” design method that considers the full life cycle of a product.

I love sustainable design especially when it involves architecture and urban planning. His plans for a fully sustainable city in China are just phenomenal. It’s designs like these that give me hope for our future. I only wish I had the knowledge and experience needed to make a significant impact.

Video via TED Talks

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Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Accessories by Moxie & Oliver


These lovelies by Moxie & Oliver are a fantastic find with Day of the Dead coming up in a couple of months. I’ve seen other sugar skull accessories, but these are certainly some of the best. Each design is made using a very thick, tooling leather, which means that each piece will last you a lifetime. I was very excited when I discovered these. I get very nostalgic when I see sugar skull design, and this is certainly a product that pulled on my heart strings. For more information on any of the products listed here and many more, please visit the Moxie & Oliver website.







Images via Moxie & Oliver

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Creative Clutch Designs by Pretty Little Pearl


The patterns on these clutches remind me of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I am very drawn to the funky color combination, and the very unique bag design. To find out more information on the bags shown here and many other designs, visit the Pretty Little Pearl website. I certainly recommend giving the site a view. All of the products are lovely.





Images via Pretty Little Pearl

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Green Tomatoes and A Wonky Cucumber


I’ve started sowing my autumn/winter garden with a little help from my neighbor, Ernest. He has been incredibly helpful with his 28 years of experience in the field. I am very lucky to have such a knowledgeable person right next door. Today, I planted lavender, mint, little gem lettuce, perpetual spinach and white Lisbon onion seeds. I really hope they germinate, but we will have to see.

On another note, my cherry tomatoes are as vibrant as ever. They aren’t turning red as quickly as they were in Brighton, but they are certainly giving me loads of fruit. I think I did a good job with this first plant as it is producing very sweet tomatoes every couple of days. I might be an inexperienced gardener, but I would have to say this particular plant has been quite successful.


My lovely friend Jean gifted Dennis and I with a cucumber plant a few months ago, and I have very good news to report. The plant has given us one lovely, wonky cucumber. I really thought it was going to just wilt away, but it has grown quite a bit. It might be a little weird looking, but it is certainly more than I expected. Nevertheless, I have learned the proper method of caring for it, and next year I expect a better crop. I’m just glad we had the one cucumber as opposed to none at all. It has certainly given me hope.


I will certainly keep everyone updated on the garden’s status. We just moved into our new flat, and our plants don’t have a stable location at the moment. I have the entire garden planned out, and I hope it turns out the way I envision it. Stay tuned…

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