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Ethical Homeware by Bridget West

I am very fond of Bridget West’s company and products. She designs and produces ethical products for the home made from recycled textiles and their labels. Almost every piece is unique, and the rest of her designs are digitally printed onto organic hemp cotton canvas. Aside from her product design business called Pieces of You, Bridget runs eco-workshops and she lectures on the topic of ethical design and consumption. She is certainly someone I admire greatly. I love her designs as well as her dedication to her cause.

If you are interested in any of the products below please visit Pieces of You where you will find many more lovely products.







Images via Pieces Of You

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6 Fantastic Portfolio Websites

I’ve been working non-stop these past couple of weeks trying to get my portfolio website sorted. As some of you know, my work has primarily involved print design, but I am making great attempts to familiarize myself with all things web related. I am not new to the web by any means, but I do realize I am missing valuable bits of information here and there. Nevertheless, I finished my portfolio website this last weekend, and I am very happy with it.

As always, I found some fantastic inspiration in a few sites I frequent. I love working on my site and I love browsing through different artist’s online portfolios. Here are a few of my favorites.

Jeff Sarmiento


Things That Are Brown


Robbie Manson


Claire Baxter


Miles Dowsett


Tower of Babel Design


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Handcrafted Vintage Inspired Jewelry by Mia Sophia

These lovely, vintage inspired pieces come from the studio of Mia Sophia based in Texas. I adore her designs. I love vintage jewelry, but I seem to have a special place in my heart for vintage French style at the moment. This just hit the nail on the head for me. I am really crushing on the locket right now. If you would like to know more about any of the designs below I recommend you visit the Mia Sophia website.







Images via Mia Sophia

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Fashion Crush: Lovely Organic Designer Clothing by Pretty Birdie

Stephanie Teague’s clothing designs are just absolutely lovely. She uses recycled, surplus and sustainable fabric exclusively in all of her designs. Every piece of couture offered at Pretty Birdie is handmade by Stephanie. I certainly recommend giving her shop a view. If you are interested in any of the designs below you can find them on the Pretty Birdie site.







Images via Pretty Birdie

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Jimmie Martin Restyled Antique Furniture

Jimmie Martin is a luxury brand furniture design studio based in London since 2004. They purchase each antique piece from auctions, and restyle them to create beautiful and eclectic designer furniture. All of their designs seem to one-off or custom made pieces.

Their work is very unique, and it’s really no surprise Jimmie Martin won “New Designer in Practice” at the Design and Decorations Awards in 2005. The founders have come up with a truly clever idea, and their end product is amazing. I really do want to decorate my home with these pieces. I haven’t seen anything like this before, and I am really very impressed. What do you think?









Images via Jimmie Martin

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Remarkable Teapot Designs by Franz

Dennis and I had the lovely pleasure of being taken to the Jane Austen tea room in Bath. We had creme tea for the first time on that day. It was one of the most delicious and calming lunches I have ever had. I think Dennis shared my sentiments. Since then, Dennis and I have been looking for a proper tea set. We came upon some very unusual and very beautiful teapots designed by Franz during our search. They are stunning! The intricate designs are quite remarkable. I found these through Wildlife Wonders. You can purchase any of these teapots and many more on their site.






Images via Wildlife Wonders

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Fashion Find: Cute Totes by Bayan Hippo

I’ve been traveling quite a bit these past two months, and for some reason I always ended up on a lovely sunny beach. I suppose my travel party and I just had a dash of good luck, but I digress. I used my large red tote as a beach bag, and quickly realized it was probably not the best idea. By the end of the our travels there was sand in every pocket and fold. It was a nightmare to remove. That was when Dennis and I decided to purchase a proper beach bag.

I found some fabulous choices on Bayan Hippo. The bags are enormous and very chic. I quite fancy the orange and green striped one. You can pick up any of these bags on the Bayan Hippo website via Etsy.







Images by Bayan Hippo

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Style Crush: Sexy Platform Sandals

I have a love hate relationship with high heels shoes. While I absolutely adore the style, and how they make your legs look, I find myself wearing them less and less. It’s mostly because I walk everywhere in the city, and they just aren’t practical while running errands. Brighton really isn’t a car city. Nevertheless, I do wear them on nights out when I know there will be a cab involved. I’m really crushing on large strap, platform sandals right now. They are gorgeously sexy especially paired with some black leggings.







Steve Madden Tarrgaa Sandal

Donald J Pliner ‘Carly’ Platform Sandal

Stuart Weitzman ‘Timber’ Gladiator Sandal

BCBGirls ‘Six’ Sandal

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Miami’

Charles David ‘Ticket’ Sandal

Images via Nordstrom

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Link Loving: Gardening Tips


Dennis and I have officially started our garden with the help of our lovely friend Jean. She gifted us with two cherry tomato plants and a cucumber vine. I am glad to report we have had success with both plants, and we are looking to expand our garden even more. Here are a few sites that helped us along the way.

My Tiny Plot – Really cute and insightful stories about vegetable gardening.

Guerrilla Gardening – Community website started for people dedicated to creating beautiful public spaces out of abandoned and neglected London area. I’m totally joining this.

• Step by step tomato sowing instructions from the BBC

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden – Very informative blog full of organic gardening ideas. Skippy the dog is very cute as well.

You Grow Girl – Very funny, cute and informative blog full of very useful tips and stories about all types of gardening.

In My Kitchen – Blog run by an ex-graphic designer turned farmer. Lots of gardening tips and organic vegetable recipes. Mmmmm…..

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All Natural Soaps From Elegant Rose Boutique

Elegant Rose Boutique is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. The owner creates these beautiful bath and body products made with all natural oils and ingredients. The boutique offers a range of natural soaps, scrubs, lip balms, lotions, deodorants, bath fizzies and body scrubs. You can purchase any of the products below along with many more through the Elegant Rose Boutique website. I am really crushing on her soaps right now.





Images via Elegant Rose Boutique

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