Creative Señorita: Golden Flakes and Melted Paints

May 29, 2009 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

I wasn’t able to get to the studio as much as I wanted this past week, but I did manage to make it in for a few hours on Friday. Julie called me on Monday apologizing about the state of one of my paintings. She evidently thought one of the swirl paintings was dry so she positioned it on its side to showcase the result. When she came in on Monday, it was very apparent the underneath layers hadn’t dried yet. The top red layer shifted downward, and the bottom part of the painting looked like it was melting off.


I must confess, when she called me I didn’t think it would be that bad. When I saw it I was a bit surprised, but I know it isn’t anything we couldn’t fix. This actually happened before with one of Julie’s canvases. We thought it was dry and put the painting up on display. The next day, there was a giant mess on the floor. Now we know to leave these to dry three weeks at least before hanging.


My original intention with these three swirl paints was to create one center canvas with large roses in the middle. The other two could either go above and below or to the left or right of the middle piece. I wanted to crush my wedding flowers onto these last two, and create a gradient of gold and red flower petals. I’ve seen the fabulous Ms. Julie do this with pink and white so I decided to give it a go with my signature gold and red.


After doing one canvas I realized I should have crushed the flowers before the top red coat dried. This way I could have saved myself some gloss varnish. I dripped the varnish onto the petals to make them stick to the canvas. I still have to create the gradient effect. I am certain I will complete these two pieces by the weekend.


This next piece is going to be similar to my blue poppies canvas. The difference are the colors and the textures. My mom wanted something similar to the blue canvas, but in a brighter color scheme. I am making a small one to see if she likes it before we commit to a larger canvas. I created a texture with red acrylic paint and gloss varnish for this piece. Then I blended white, magenta, orange and turquoise for a background. I then used a mixture of two acrylic green pigments with some gloss varnish to make the grass. Now I have to let this dry to continue. I hope it turns out.


This afternoon our lovely friend Jeff played a few tunes for us on his harmonica. It was outstanding. We had no idea Jeff could play so well. It was a real treat. We were all very surprised. Here he is sitting in front of John Hancock’s painting and a few of Julie’s as well. I love Brighton.

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