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Beautiful Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

These lovely garden furniture pieces are individually created from reclaimed wood and tree roots. I know they’re meant for the outdoors, but I personally wouldn’t mind having one in my home. The only downside is that they’re quite pricey, ranging from £380 to £1200. Nevertheless, I do love supporting sustainable companies, crafts and artists. To be honest, most bespoke and high quality furniture pieces sell for around the same price range as well. You can find them online at Love Thy Space.





Images via Love Thy Space

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5 Lovely New Fonts From Sudtipos

I am always on the look out for new typefaces. Sudtipos Studio designs high quality, exclusive typefaces for corporate use. They are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but their client base is international. I can certainly see why so many high profile companies seek them out. I love viewing their site for inspiration.









Images via Sudtipos Studio

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Fashion Find: Kiku Handmade Fused Glass Accessories

I am seriously thinking about buying the typewriter belt buckle for my brother. If you are in the market for some funky, colorful accessories then Kiku Handmade is worth giving a view. The designer creates these very beautiful accessories by fusing glass and silk screen prints together. Her very stylish rings are hand carved then cast in resin. You can purchase any of the products below by visiting Kiku Handmade website or by her Etsy store front.






Images via Kiku Handmade

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Fashion Crush: Vintage Wedding Gowns

I have noticed a very interesting behavior in me these past couple of weeks. I am evidently still fascinated by wedding dresses even though my special day was over a month ago. I find myself browsing boutique-wedding shops around town, just admiring the different styles, colors, and dress designs. I realized I was doing this when I noticed a beautiful vintage wedding gown in a shop on Bond Street. I never set out thinking I am going to visit a wedding boutique after I run my errands. I simply walk by a shop where they happen to have a very interesting dress, and I end up spending at least half an hour admiring their collection. I think it is the designer in me admiring a medium, which I had never appreciated before, or it could be the fact that I like pretty dresses. Either way, it’s my new, not so secret vice and I’m loving it!

My absolute favorite type of wedding gown is a proper vintage or a vintage inspired design. My wedding dress was a 50’s style, blood red gown with black puffy lining. I adore the dress and I chose it primarily because of the color, but I’ve started admiring the beauty and sophistication of white gowns. I do like a few modern designs here and there, but the vintage ones are just so classically feminine. Light, pastel colors really match the delicate designs of these gowns. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still would’ve chosen my red retro dress over any laced, white gown. After all, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wear something funky and red to my wedding. However, I have grown to appreciate these very beautifully feminine, light and lacy vintage gown designs.








Images via Circa Vintage Brides and Halfpenny London

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The Allosphere: TED Talk by JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

Dennis and I were absolutely amazed and fascinated by this new project. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin gives us a tour of the Allosphere in this very interesting TED Talk. Ms. Kuchera-Morin is the director of the Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE) at UC Santa Barbara. She discusses the very fascinating collaboration between artists, scientists and mathematicians to make this project possible. The results are simply stunning! Essentially, the Allosphere allows the user to hear and see scientific data with great precision.

Video via TED Talks

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Amazing Eco Friendly Homes

Dennis and I have very seriously started looking at downsizing our lifestyle. One of our goals is to purchase or build a totally off grid mini home. We are divided between purchasing a prefabricated home or just building one of our own. I am leaning more towards a prefab, but I would love to build my own home. Dennis and I figure that if anything were to break, we would know how to fix it if we built it ourselves. He brings up a good point, but we still have to discuss the details.

I used these three videos as inspiration. The first mini home is my absolute favorite. The second is a perfect example of how good design can make fantastic use of a small space. The third is about Container City in London. I really want to visit this site. A design firm based in London created entire office buildings and living spaces out of shipping containers. Let me know what you think about tiny and/or prefab homes.

Videos via YouTube

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The Artwork Of Cam De Leon

Cam De Leon is one of my absolute favorite artists. His work is one of the reasons I became inspired to pursue a career in art. I recently re-discovered his very amazing portfolio website gloriously named Happy Pencil. The site is truly an interactive orgasm. It’s quite fascinating! The overall design of the site creates an ambiance that compliments his work perfectly. I certainly recommend giving it a view.





Images via Cam’s Happy Pencil

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Fashion Find: Econica, Fashion With Conscience

I recently found Econica on Etsy as I was shopping for a birthday present. Econica clothing is created using as many natural and organic materials as possible. Their line is defined by simple and classic feminine lines, and all colors used are natural. I’m really crushing on their plum dress design. I love this color. I certainly recommend giving Econica a browse. It’s a great place to pick up a classic piece.





Photos via Econica

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Fashion Crush: Coach Graphic Print Handbags

I adore these handbag designs from coach. They are very funky and chic for the summer. I am very fond of Coach products. Anything I purchase from them is both beautiful and very long lasting. They don’t fade, are easy to wash and the seems rarely give way. They focus on what they do and they seem to do it well. My favorites are the Bonnie graphic print bags.

Bonnie Appliqué Top Handle Pouch


Bonnie Canvas Totes



Parker Photo Nylon NYC


Laughing Girl Tote


Photos via

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Bespoke Wooden Furniture by Sixixis

Founders Chris, Tom and Charlie create these astonishing bespoke designs made from solid hardwoods. They evidently use steam to create these bend, loop and swirl designs. The company itself has closed for business, but the individual designers are available for commissions. Do give their gallery a view if you fancy. I only wish I knew about them earlier.






Photos via Sixixis

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