Amazing Discarded Object Sculptures by Jean Shin

March 10, 2009 at 5:34 pm Leave a comment

When I first discovered Jean’s work I was absolutely amazed at the level of meticulous detail put into her sculptures. Ms. Shin is best known for transforming cast-off objects into conceptually fascinating and visually stunning pieces of artwork. For some sculptures, Jean solicited objects from specific communities in an attempt to create conceptual community portraits. Her work is both striking and conceptually alluring.

Jean has certainly become one of my favorite artists. Her work is very beautiful to me, and I love her use of discarded objects in her sculptures. The level of detail required to create these designs is just amazing. I certainly recommend giving her site a view.

Sound Wave

created with melted records


Key Promises

created with computer key caps


Glass Block

created with empty glass bottles


Chemical Balance II

created with prescription drug bottles


Chance City

created with losing lottery tickets


Wooden Floor

created with disposable wooden chopsticks


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