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Sustainable Refrigeration: TED Talk by Adam Grosser

This invention is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Adam Grosser discusses sustainable refrigeration in this fascinating TED Talk. I believe his invention will revolutionize the industry. Mr. Grosser created a method of cooling down a container using thermodynamics, and by tweaking some old refrigeration technology. He plans on bringing refrigeration to everyone by making it cost effective and sustainable.

Video via TED Talks

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Vintage Rubber Bags from English Retreads

While floating down Boulder Creek one day on an inner tube, the very creative Heather English came up with the idea to create fashionable hand bags made from recycled rubber. Evidently, she was in the market for a durable hand bag, but was having trouble finding one that suited her needs. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and began working on her fabulous and durable creation.

English Retreads was started after Ms. English discovered quite a few people fancied her designs. Each one of her hand bags and accessories are one of a kind pieces made from recycled inner tubes supplied by Boulder area truck stops. The company prides itself on only using cruelty-free and vegan materials in all of their products, and they are a member of Co-op America’s Green Business Network™.







I am very impressed with Ms. English’s designs. I adore her hand bags, and I feel her sustainable company mission is worth looking up to. I love it when companies use eco-friendly methods to create their product, and it is a definite plus when the company uses these methods to run day to day operations as well. I am really crushing on her Mini Luxe design.

Photos via English Retreads

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12 Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

We only have one week left until the big day. Dennis and I are scrambling to get everything done and ready for our festivities. I just had my dress tailored today, and it is on it’s way to be cleaned. We have our bubbly and our wine set, and are in the process of getting our cake and food in order. We only have a few other things left on our list. One item I am stressing about is the bouquet.

I am a bit nervous about this one as haven’t really thought about color or design. Well, my friend Julie suggested we paint the flowers on the bouquet. I actually really like the idea, but i don’t even know which flowers to use, how much paint to use if any, how big its going to be, etc. I started stressing about it today so I took it upon myself to search for some fabulous inspiration. I found these funky and colorful bouquets on various sites. I think I might go for bouquet 2 or 7.













Photos via, foxgloves flowers, Bluemen Kaspar, Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers, Barbara K, Heather España, Lora’s Floral, Paige Ocora and Casa Florarte.

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Fashion Crush: Naughty Monkey Shoes

I absolutely LOVE this brand. I found out about Naughty Monkey Shoes a few years ago while scoping out some sassy new flats on I recently discovered them again after one of my late night shoe addiction benders. I am in the market for some knee high, black slouchy boots, and they have just what I am looking for. I think I might have to order them online, because I just don’t seem to find anyone here in the UK that carries the brand. If anyone knows about any retailer that carries them please let me know below. My goodness, I LOVE these shoes. They are so eclectic.







Photos via

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Wedding Website

I have been working on this most of the weekend, and I finally finished yesterday evening. I wanted to make something more personal, but Dennis and I just purchased the new version of i-Life. I was curious about i-web’s functionality so I made this site using the newest version. It was actually quite easy, but not as customizable as I would have liked it to be. Well, now I know. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the results. Check it out below.






To see the full website visit Seaside Lovers.

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Intelligent Toy Blocks: Ted Talk With David Merrill

Computer scientist and MIT graduate David Merrill discusses his work on Siftables, tiny computer blocks that interact with each other to create networks. These toy blocks can do math, play music, and talk to each other. This invention is a fantastic example of innovative user interface design.


The overall design is very sleek, and it’s very simple to use. David discusses how his team uses our basic understanding of physics to program these blocks into functioning the same way we would expect something to in the real world. For example, if you want to change a block’s color, simply pour the color into that block from another.

Photos and Video via Ted Talks

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Eco-Friendly Hand Powered Washing Machine

This sounds like such a fantastic product. I first heard about it from my friend Phil Hanson when he wrote about it a few days ago. This hand powered washing machine requires no electricity, is portable and uses less water and detergent per load of laundry.


Additionally, the washing cycle runs from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. This saves a huge amount of time on laundry day. It can hold up to five pounds of clothing which is equivalent to 10 shirts and two pairs of jeans. It comes pre-assembled, and requires no real maintenance.



To use it simply insert your dirty laundry along with a measured amount of water and soap, secure the lid, and turn the handle. You want to turn it approximately one turn per second. Once you are done simply take the laundry out, and hang it out to dry. Below is a chart listing the recommended amount of soap and water to be used depending on how much laundry you would like to wash.


I think this is a fantastic product. Dennis and I have been wondering looking for alternatives since the cost of a washer and dryer is so high. It’s usually something most people don’t think about, but we started realizing how expensive it was running these machines. Now, I hope I can find something to replace our energy devouring fridge.

Photos via Clean Air Gardening

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10 Beautiful Wedding Invitations

I actually bought mine last minute at WH Smith. I really wasn’t thinking about it when I purchased them. I was more concerned with the color matching my cake. Then, a friend of mine let me know that they looked like little kid party invitations. I was a bit embarrassed, but it really didn’t matter. They got the job done, and they were sassy.

I might have purchased my invites on the run, but that didn’t stop me from looking for beautifully designed options and examples. I am really crushing on the invites printed on paper that you can plant and grow flowers from.











Photos via Botanical Paperworks, Elum, Rolland Glass, juicyyumburger, scottdouglas123, and grrl+dog

I don’t know who the retro tin can design belongs to, but it’s just too fabulous to not write about. I would have loved to have something like this design. If anyone knows who designed it please let me know.

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Fashion Find: Lula Ballou’s Gadget Case Pouches

I love finding beautiful, handmade accessories like Lula Ballou’s Gadget Pouches. Her shop on Etsy is full of fabulous gems like these below. I love the patterns she uses, and the color combinations are just divine. They measure approximately 4 1/2″ wide , 6″ high and close with a zipper top. Additionally, each case is padded to protect sensitive items such as cell phones or i-pods.

I can just image wearing one of these with my little black dress for Sunday brunch or to an afternoon tea time. To be honest, I always prefer carrying a small bag like this instead of my giant puppy carrying purse. These are too cute!






Photos via Lula Ballou

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Fashion Crush: Chanel’s Braided Tweed Mini Dress

I absolutely adore Chanel’s Braided Tweed Mini Dress. I am just really crushing on this entire outfit. I’ve actually been looking for a dress similar to this all winter.  I have found a few that come quite close to this look, but the material was either too rough or not well made. Those bi-color flannel and calfskin ankle strap pumps are just calling my name right now.


Photos via

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