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Our Trip to Mallorca, Spain

Dennis and I recently took a trip out to Spain for our third year anniversary. It was absolutely breathtaking! We were expecting it to be much warmer than it was so we packed very light. To our surprise, and the surprise of everyone on the island of Mallorca where we stayed, it started to snow. Thankfully, we managed to be quite south of the snow storms, but we did manage to get the incredibly cold wind and rain coming down from the mountains. Aside from that, our trip was extraordinary. Here are a few pictures of this fabulous city.











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More Mallorca Pictures

Here are a few other images we took. We actually took about four hundred pictures, but these are the more interesting ones that came out. Lots more are to follow during the week of events we took part in.











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Anniversary Present

I gave this to Dennis as his 3rd year anniversary present. I re-painted the first public declaration of love I made for him 3 years ago on a 5 by 3 foot canvas. It took me three days, but I finally got it done. He had no idea and he tells me he loves it. It will be hung on the wall behind our bed.

I just recently started painting, and I have to admit it was a very therapeutic experience. I am certain I will be doing more of it in the future. I am just glad he loved it in the end.


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Attempting CSS For The First Time

I am going to attempt it for the first time today. I am not a web designer so I have never used it, but I have admired what many fabulous designers create with it for their blogs. I purchased this program called Flux that has proven to be an invaluable tool for just such a task. I have re-designed my portfolio site, and I am ready to start making it into a usable website. I will keep everyone updated when the site is done. Wish me luck…

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Falling Down The Stairs Update

Ok, I am feeling much better, but yesterday I was in really bad pain. I have a giant bruise on my thigh, and my finger really hurts when I touch it so. I think I am mostly bruised. My right hip still hurts, and I can’t walk for very long distances. I should be better in a week. I am just really happy I didn’t land on my head or something.

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5 Funky Chocolate Bar Designs

I have seen these for a while now, but I just haven’t had a chance to write about them. Actually, the first chocolate bar from this company I saw was given to a friend of mine by his stalker. That is definitely a story for another time, but she had given him the Girth Control bar for his birthday. Needless to say, it kind of creeped him out so he made me take the first bite. After we all knew it was safe, we ate the whole thing.

The chocolate was delicious, and I realized that the company created quite a few different types of chocolate with fantastic package design after a quick chocolate run to Sainsbury’s. Yes, we have afternoon chocolate runs, but I digress… The company is called Bloomsberry & Co, and they create fabulous tasting chocolate in beautiful and very clever packaging. Below are some of my favorites.






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I fell Down The Stairs Today

They are pretty narrow steps so I managed to just kind of slide down them. I was trying to avoid stepping on the cat, but I totally biffed it. I hurt my hand and my hip. I didn’t hurt while it was happening or during, but it sure is hurting an hour after. I am struggling to walk a bit. I think I just bruised myself though. I am certain I didn’t break anything. Well, I hope I didn’t. I have to be more careful from now on. I am not the first to almost break something on those steps.

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