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What’s New At Red Headed Frog?

We have our new design up! Take a look below. Don’t forget to check out our new organic and hemp tees.

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New Organic and Hemp Tees

We have a new design for the month printed on organic and hemp tees. The men’s tee is made of hemp/organic cotton, and the women’s tees are made of 100% organic cotton.

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5 Fabulous Digital Compositions

Once again I have indulged in one of my favorite pastimes. I spent a little time looking for a few fabulous pieces of art and design. Some of these artists are among my favorites. I really admire their work, and I figured I should help spread the word. Enjoy!

Patricia V. •

Dave McKean • The Art Of Dave McKean

Dave McKean directed the film Mirror Mask. This is the first movie Dennis and I watched together. Part of the film was actually filmed in the Embassy Court building here in Brighton. We live about ten minutes away from it. We had the opportunity to view a few flats in it, and they are absolutely gorgeous now. The views are fabulous! The restoration process was well worth it.

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Square One Organic Vodka

I am not really a vodka drinker, but I recently read about this product. I did a little research on it and was quite impressed. I was first attracted to the fabulous bottle and package design, but was further impressed by its organic ingredients. How can a vodka be organic? Well, I asked the same question. Evidently, most vodkas are chemically flavored. Square One Vodka, on the other hand, uses organically grown American Rye, and is created from a certified organic fermentation process.

The rye itself is grown in chemical free compost and fresh water throughout its entire life cycle. Additionally, the company only uses organic yeast in their distillation process, which has earned them certification from both the Oregon Tilth, the U.S.’s most stringent and prestigious U.S. Organic Certification Agency, and by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP).

I haven’t tried this just yet, but I am interested in having a martini or two. I am certainly interested in trying one of their Organic Tea Cocktail creations. You can find recipes in their Mixology section under the Town Square link. Let me know if you have tried Square One. Do you recommend it? Do you have any favorite mixes using Square One?

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4 Funky Posters

I found these on a few of my outings through the Lanes. Some of these are event posters with itineraries and one is a studio advertisement. I am particularly fond of the Bloom Festival fold out poster. It’s just so very funky.

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Glad I Left This Behind I Hope

I don’t usually like posting about this, but it hurts when I have to deal with it.

I was at the corner market a few days ago when a man started shouting profanities at the clerk followed by, “Go back to wherever the hell it is you came from!”. I didn’t really pay much attention to him until he started shouting. I honestly thought he was yelling at me. I quickly wondered how he knew, but realized he wasn’t talking to me when I turned to face him. When he left I smiled at the clerk and said, “He needs to chill and go have a drink or something.” The people around us laughed and so did the clerk. Hey, at least I left them with a smile.

This little incident reminded me of similar situations I have gone through. I’ve had the old, “Go back to wherever it is you came from!” line used on me a few times in the States even though I’m American. I am glad this particular incident wasn’t aimed at me, but it still hurt to see it used on someone else.

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Montezumas British Chocolate

I love Montezuma’s chocolate! We were told it was some of the best chocolate in Brighton, and I believe that is a very accurate statement. Montezuma’s is an award winning company that specializes in producing organic and fair trade chocolate. Can you tell why I love this company already?

I spoke with some of the staff about their ingredients and products recently. They did let me know that all of the ingredients in their chocolate are fair trade and organic as far as they knew. However, they did let me know that certain ingredients like certain liqueurs used to flavor certain products could not be sourced organically quite yet. I really did appreciate their honestly, and I appreciated their tremendous effort to stay green.

I do recommend giving this chocolate a try. It will not disappoint. I was pretty fascinated by their Montezuma’s Revenge Truffle. This was the first chocolate I tried there, and it was amazing. I have to say, I didn’t experience the little side effect it is rumored to have. I guess Monty might have known I was one of him.

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