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What’s New At Red Headed Frog?

We have a new design for everyone. I am pretty sure I will not able to get all 205 countries participating in the 2008 Olympics on shirts this year, but I am hopeful for next time.

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I love these socks! I had the opportunity to try some on at the REI in Redmond, and I was quickly sold on them. I usually have mixed feelings about wool socks since the material tends to be quite itchy on my skin. I am sure most of you have had similar experiences. However, these socks were very soft, and they do claim to keep your feet dry even in wet climates.

I did a bit more research on the company, and discovered that they gave 10% of every website sale to their SmartPrint Advocacy Fund. The fund is awarded to individuals or organizations dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship, healthy lifestyle choices for our young people, and the encouragement of responsible outdoor activity participation. I hope to follow in their footsteps in that department one day.

According to their website, SmartWool is a sustainable, renewable and natural resource. The main ingredient in SmartWool is New Zealand Merino wool, which helps support the sustainable farming practices in undeveloped areas. I recommend heading over to REI and at least giving them a feel. They are very soft, comfortable and sustainable. Have a look at their website as well. It is beautiful.

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Summer Weekend Sale!

Just type in the coupon code when you are ready to check out and you get a 25% OFF savings on your purchase of two or more products. Enjoy your summer with a nice and cool organic cotton tee!

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Preserve Everyday Products

This company is wonderful. I love their products. I saw them at Target the other day and I became very interested. I couldn’t really purchase anything to try out because of the move, but I was very impressed. Their products are eco-friendly and very chic.

Preserve Everyday is a company that specializes in designing fun and fashionable table and kitchen ware along with personal care products made with 100% recycled materials. Additionally, all of their products are manufactured in the USA so it takes less energy to transport them. I love all of the colors they chose for their products. I am especially fond of the wasabi green. I certainly recommend giving them a view.

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Moving Day #2

It was a happy and depressive day today. I am very happy to be going, but sad to be leaving my family and friends. Well, on to a new adventure. These are some of the last pictures I took.

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Moving Day #1

It was a mess! We were unprepared. I tried to prepare as much as I could, but you just never know what you are going to need until it’s gone. I planned for this day for such a long time, but I still spent most of the day looking through everything making sure all was in order. Needless to say that by the end of the day Dennis and I were both exhausted.

The movers did an excellent job and were a very entertaining bunch. They certainly made the day go by very quickly. They were very efficient and definitely very experienced at this. I was glad to know that our items were in good hands. Here is what our house looked like the first day.

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Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry

I read a little excerpt from the Green Guide on this company and I loved it. The artist is Kathleen Plate, and she is an exceptional creative that specializes in jewelry design for her company. Kathleen creates beautiful pieces of jewelry using materials such as glass, sterling silver and silver solder. What I love about them is that some of her jewelry is made from recycled material, and that every piece is hand made. This gives every piece a unique look and feel.

The small earrings above are one of my favorites. They are from Kathleen’s New Recycled Line. I highly recommend taking a look at the site. Her designs are beautiful!

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