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Goodbye to our favorite little fish and our favorite little car

Since we will be relocating our studio to England in the next couple of months, we have been forced to let go of a few things that will just not make the trip overseas. One of these things happens to be our beloved little beta fish named Blueberry. He is a very cute and mild mannered little beta that has brought much joy and inspiration to our lives.

We are going to miss him immensely, but we are glad to say that he has found a new home with my mother here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thankfully, he is going to be very well taken care of by my family. I let them know I will want weekly updates on his well being. Blueberry, we will miss you.


Unfortunately, we had to sell our favorite little Volkswagen New Beetle as well. She was a fantastically happy car that we loved to drive everywhere. She never gave us any real problems the two years we owned her, and she brought smiles to everyone that rode in her with us. She was just a very happy, quirky little car that we are going to miss. It was our first car together as a couple, and I think that is the main reason we became so attached.

Nevertheless, we are happy to report that she has been sold to a newly engaged couple as a wedding present to the bride. I hope they find the car as cheerful as we found her these two years. The groom did let me know that he loved driving the car everywhere since he purchased it. That made me smile a little inside. We will miss you little blue beetle.

Our Beetle

And so the moving begins…

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Red Headed Frog Design

Red Headed Frog is a design studio focused on designing and developing eco-friendly apparel and home decor products for the design savvy individual. This is our first blog post, and I wanted to properly introduce this new and exciting company to the world.

Red Headed Frog started out as an idea my fiance and I had one evening while discussing our future goals and plans as a couple. We definitely knew we wanted to start our own company, but we weren’t quite sure how to go about it. I am a designer by trade and he is a computer scientists. We are two professionals frustrated with our industries here in Arizona, and we were looking to fill a creative void that kept growing larger and larger as the years went by.

On November 2007, while on an afternoon hike, my fiance let me know that he had received a job offer in the United Kingdom. He asked me what I thought, and if he should take the position. I, of course, thought he was bluffing. After I realized he was serious I immediately said yes. He took the position and we were scheduled to leave on the first week of January. Little did we know how long it would take to prepare for a move this large.

January passed us by and we still didn’t have everything in order. Since the move was going to take a few months longer than anticipated, we mutually decided to use this time to get our company started.

Red Headed Frog Design

We decided on starting up a design studio that specialized in creating apparel and home decor products inspired by the colors and patterns used in Latin America.

Additionally, we wanted to incorporate organic materials in our products and slowly build our apparel and home decor lines this first year.

We are still learning quite a bit about organic and sustainable materials, but we hope to improve our designs and material choices as we learn more about what is available out there. If anyone has any information on sustainable, organic and eco-friendly sites, books, articles, materials, etc. please let us know by posting below. We will greatly appreciated any information we can get.

Currently we are only offering t-shirts, hoodies, and bags on our website, but we plan on expanding our products and designs every month. We are currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we plan on relocating our studio to the United Kingdom in a couple of months.

Until the next time…I hope as the months go by our friends and supporters can find inspiration on this site.

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